Why did I get a new AC unit?

My air conditioning unit was getting older and it was outdated.

I kept reading about all of the options that came with a new air conditioning unit.

I guess I had stars in my eyes when I thought about all of the updates. The new air conditioning unit was supposed to work better and be more efficient. They promised that it would last longer and I would be glad I had purchased the new AC unit. Now that I have taken the old window air conditioner to the thrift store, I am wishing I hadn’t. I wish I hadn’t bought the new air conditioner at all. If I hadn’t taken the old air conditioner to the thrift store, I would have been returning the new air conditioner. I told my husband that I should go to the thrift store and ask for the AC unit back. Then I turned around and realized that the air conditioner may have already been sold and I would be wasting a trip into town. He told me that I could always buy it back if it was available. I worried that the home store wouldn’t take the new air conditioner back, if I took it there. I had been using the AC unit for over a month now. It just doesn’t cool my home the way my old air conditioner does. I feel like a little girl who just wanted to toy for the glitter. I guess I will need to learn to do my homework before I make a purchase like this. If I had actually looked at all of the reviews, I may have realized this particular AC unit was not what I really wanted.


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