Why didn’t he say he was new?

All of a sudden the young man perked up and he became more confident.

Last week, we had a new HVAC technician come to our home. I wanted to purchase a new air conditioning unit because mine was almost twenty years old and it wasn’t as efficient as it once was. I didn’t want to wait until the AC unit broke to get a new one, so I planned to have it removed and a new one installed early in the winter, A young man showed up at the house and I wasn’t even sure he was old enough to, let alone to be an HVAC technician. He seemed to know what he was doing when he did the inspection, but when he came in to discuss my options he started to falter with his words. I already knew that he was new to the company, but I was beginning to think he really was a brand new HVAC technician. He knew what he was talking about but he kept going back to the manual to show me things. When he began to talk about SEER for the AC, something clicked because I had to ask him what SEER was. I had never heard the term. All of a sudden the young man perked up and he became more confident. He told me that SEER is the Seasonal Energy Efficiency RAtio. This measures your air conditioning system’s energy efficiency and the higher the SEER rating, the better your energy efficiency of your air conditioning system. He may have been new, but he did know his stuff when he got over being nervous. I chose an AC unit with a SEER of 21 and I am sure that I will be extremely happy with the results.

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