Why removing Venetian blinds can become a costly expense

I lived on the third floor of an apartment complex that faced the parking lot which overlooked a beautiful pond surrounded with Muscovy ducks and it had turtles and fish swimming in it.

The best part about the apartment was that I got to watch the sunset from my living room almost every day.

That was the highlight of the evening after having a long day at work. However, each day, I had to raise the dated horizontal blinds to see the sunset. Frankly, I hated those blinds and did not enjoy seeing them in the window from the parking lot. I asked my landlord if he was ok with me removing the blinds, and he gave me permission and sent his handyman to take them down. I was thrilled because I hung curtain panels instead, which brought some elegance into that space and there was more light that entered the room. I was young and oblivious to the fact that blinds served various purposes. At that point, I believed that the only purpose for blinds was to guarantee privacy, and I lived on the third floor so there was no one peeking through my windows. After a conversation with an HVAC technician that came out for a routine maintenance check, I learned that blinds also helped to keep the heat out during the warmer months and did the opposite in the colder months, by keeping the heat in. He explained that because I had no blinds, my energy consumption would be higher because my HVAC unit would have to work overtime to make up for the lack of blinds. So though my apartment looked fabulous, I used my air conditioning and heating system more than the average person. An extra cost that I accepted for wanting to be stylish over economical. I believe HVAC technicians should write a handy manual for oblivious people like me.



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