Why use PPC when you can use SEO?

My brother works in SEO and just scoffs at anyone who uses PPC.

Pay per click is where you pay for a google ad at the top of a page. If you search for HVAC repair, a HVAC company could be at the top of the page and highlighted. That HVAC business paid for that spot. It is called pay per click because that is literally what it does. Everytime someone clicks on the ad, the HVAC business has to pay for it. The idea is that the HVAC business is paying to get business to the website. SEO is where a persona would organically get business. My brother can target keywords such as HVAC repair, heating and cooling. Once a person types them in, the HVAC company he is helping will be on page one of google. No, they won’t be at the top spot. The google ads are always first. But his company could be right below the ads. Anytime a customer clicks on that website, no money has to be exchanged. They are still on page one and they don’t even have to pay a thing. SEM has been proven to work, but also has SEO. My brother doesn’t see why you would ever pay for a service he can do virtually for free. I think the reason is that the HVAC companies still have to pay. They either do PPC, or pay an SEO guy to get their website high on google. For us normal people, we can’t do the things that my brother does.