Why you want the a/c hidden

You don’t have to let your unsightly outside a/c compressor ruin the aesthetics of your backyard. Instead, blend your a/c equipment and your pool pump simultaneously with the rest of your home! By turning your backyard into a more comfortable atmosphere, you really learn to enjoy being outdoors. As a landscape artist, design is what I do – however, the a/c equipment must remain clear of leaves and any other debris at all times! As well, there should not be any other items near the outdoor heating and cooling unit. You do not want any obstructions that could compromise airflow or efficiency for that unit – not unless you want to schedule an emergency HVAC repair visit! As a landscape artist, I suggest unique “green fencing” options that will enhance your privacy and keep eyesores hidden. For instance, a lovely screen can hide the Heating and A/C device, while at the same time providing your backyard with a distinct garden feel! You can add this beautiful screen in front of your Heating and A/C equipment outdoors, or over the aforementioned pool pump, which in turn hides the equipment. Being a landscaper, I can definitely come up with the right type of lawn decor to set far enough away from the Heating as well as A/C unit, and still be able to hide it effectively. You do not want to hide your Heating as well as A/C or pool equipment behind the wrong kind of bushes though, trust me! You will constantly want to keep that in mind – your heating as well as cooling specialists will need access to that equipment for any needed Heating as well as A/C repair, and they can’t reach the equipment if it’s buried behind rows of bushes!

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