Wife wants heated flooring for the new baby since it is safer

I agree with my wife, heated flooring would be safer and totally awesome.

My wife is convinced we need heated flooring now that she is pregnant. Right now our current heating system is a furnace. My wife thinks that the furnace will be nothing be a safety hazard once the baby is born. A furnace with a dusty air filter creates very poor indoor air quality. The baby could get sick and possibly die. The furnace also could overheat and the heat exchanger cracks. Then carbon monoxide is released without us knowing. The baby could inhale the gas and then die. The furnace also has a glass plate in front of a fake fire. The baby could be walking and then touch the glass. The baby could touch it and then burn to death. You can see my wife is a little paranoid. She wants heated flooring since the heater is underneath the floors and will be out of reach. The heat is created by electric not air. There is no stress of poor and contained indoor air quality. Also, radiant flooring is totally silent and would not wake a napping child. The best part is that the heating is right under our feet and would warm all stationary objects. The crib sitting on the heated flooring would feel warmer. I agree with my wife, heated flooring would be safer and totally awesome. I just don’t have that kind of cash sitting around on hand. Our furnace works perfectly fine and is not that old either. The baby is going to be an expensive thing too. So I don’t want to add new heating equipment on top of this.

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