Wife’s low temperature habits spurn air conditioner freeze-ups

I love my wife, but we often run head to head over issues around the house. My parents were neat freaks who always had an immaculate house with absolutely nothing out of place or cluttered. My wife, bless her heart, was raised by a family of borderline-hoarders. She far surpassed these conditions once she got to college and started living with other people, but there’s still a part of her that’s subconsciously used to living in a disorganized house. Try as I might, but I just don’t respond to visual clutter in the same way. But much worse than the organization differences are our individual preferences for indoor air. My wife likes a cold house at all times. We aren’t rich, but we make enough money to foreseeably run the air conditioner at whatever temperature we want. Although I do prefer warmer temperatures inside, I have a whole closet of cozy sweaters so this isn’t the real issue. What my wife doesn’t understand is that evaporator coils aren’t magic. They have limitations, especially with a forced air system in a warm climate, like our setup. It will be 90 degrees outside and my wife tries to keep it 68 inside; unfortunately, the evaporator coil freezes over with ice if it can’t keep up with external climate conditions and the settings on the thermostat. Once the evaporator coil is frozen over, it can no longer cool the air that passes through it. We keep running into this issue which forces me to shut the entire system down for an hour so the coil can thaw. My wife doesn’t enjoy the heat from a disabled air conditioner so it might eventually stop her from abusing the thermostat every afternoon.