Wifi thermostat saves time and money while improving comfort

My husband and I both work very demanding schedules.

We have three boys who are all heavily involved in hockey, with multiple practices during the week and games on the weekends.

We often travel hundreds of miles to participate in tournaments. Trying to keep up with our hectic lifestyle and the upkeep of the home is borderline impossible. It’s difficult to find time to get groceries, do laundry and complete even basic cleaning. One of the best investments I’ve made is updating to a smart thermostat. I got tired of paying to heat and cool a house that is empty the majority of the time. If I remembered to adjust the temperature before heading out, my family returned to either overheated or freezing cold conditions. With a modern thermostat, I have an app on my phone that allows me to make adjustments. For the most part, the thermostat automatically caters to our schedule and preferences. It features something called geofencing that tracks the locations of our smartphones. When one of us enters a set perimeter around the home, the thermostat raises or lowers the setting to welcome us to a comfortable living environment. When we all leave for the day, the thermostat knows to conserve energy. Plus, I get alerts when it’s time to replace air filters or schedule professional maintenance. I not only save money on monthly heating and cooling bills, but avoid the cost and disruption of needless repairs. The thermostat has improved the comfort level of our home, minimized my responsibilities and definitely paid for itself. We are now looking into a home automation system for further convenience.


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