Willi Carrier invented the first air conditioner

I’m really impressed by the man who came up with the air conditioner.

  • I couldn’t imagine living my life separate from an air conditioner.

I live in a really hot and humid area and I’m sure that everybody else feels similar about their air conditioner. If we didn’t have this luxury system, we’d be dying from heat exhaustion. I wouldn’t be able to live in the southern region if I didn’t have access to an air conditioner. I guess I’d have to move all the way to the North Pole just to get cool air! I have learned a little bit about Willis Carrier plus he did amazing when it came to developing a working air conditioning unit. It basically began when he was trying to find a way to keep all the humidity out of the printing press. He came up with his brilliant plan using a genre of compressor coil system that would ultimately cool the air plus knock out all the humidity. He wasn’t originally going for the cool air, however that was a bonus from the compressor coils. Over time, he perfected the air conditioning unit plus it started to sell in high demand in a short phase of time. Before Willis knew it, he was developing air conditioners for large companies plus eventually the movie corporation invested a lot of money into air conditioning. Do you remember the summer blockbuster? The air conditioning unit had all kinds of people flocking to feel the amazing comfort the air conditioning unit offered, plus it became a really popular thing.


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