Window A/C units may be the more energy efficient option for me

Here’s the thing: people are always talking about saving money here.

Everyone is so upset about their bank account, or how much money they do not have in it.

Everyone wants to get the next best thing, but nobody wants to work for it! Worse yet, no one wants to live with what they already have, or try to find some creative solution in this world. Personally, I do not suppose the same way. I am all about finding the cheap and self-explanatory fix. Recently, I was trying to supply some advice to a neighbor of mine who has been riled up about the quality of his a/c device for some time now. She’s been obsessed over how the air conditioning system won’t put out enough cool air! I asked if there was any chance of installing a fourth air conditioning window unit to add more cooling power in the spaces where it’s needed, and she told me that there was a small A/C window unit that simply hadn’t found a home yet. Though he didn’t feel it did enough to provide cool air, he was taking a closer look at that air conditioning unit and realized it did! I waited until he was a bit distracted, and moved this portable cooling system to the window in his family room. Just like that, we waited for the wind to strike up and felt a major difference in the indoor air quality of his home! When he walked back into the room, he immediately could feel the difference.


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