Window A/C’s Are Better Than Central A/C

In Some Ways I had been thinking on the subject of window air conditioning systems vs central air conditioning. Back when, we all used window air conditioning systems, and from everything I remember about those long gone days and the window air conditioning, I have come to the conclusion that the old window air conditioning units are actually better than today’s central air conditioning systems. The reason I am saying that is for 2 reasons. The first being that you didn’t need to have a local heating and air conditioning company come and do tune ups and general HVAC inspections. Once you hauled the window air conditioning up from the basement and installed it into the window for the Summer, that was it! No HVAC company needed! Also, energy use was much lower on these old window air conditioning units as well. If you have a really hot Summer, you’ll end up paying hundreds in electric bills with central air conditioning systems. Sure, central air conditioning systems may in fact cool your home better, and today there are so many more options you can go with for a really over the top and totally great central heating and air conditioning system, but it hits you where it hurts. Your bank account! Sadly, where I live today in the deep south, it is way too hot to even be able to mess with window air conditioning units, so everyone is pretty much stuck with having to have central heating and air conditioning systems. But, I will never forget what it was like with the window air conditioning units, and how much better they were.
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