Window AC alternative

Window AC units are a sensible option when cooling your home.

They are portable and easy to install with very little up front cost.

But over time, they have become less attractive and can be expensive to operate. There is no beating the low up front purchase price, but when they are used frequently, they can run up a utility bill rather quickly. Window units also obstruct the view to the outdoors and block natural light from entering a home. They are noisy too, and can pose a security risk if they are on the ground floor. Homeowners that become fed up with their window AC units are choosing to install mini split systems. Mini split technology offers the best alternative to a window AC. Mini split units consist of just two discrete components. One goes outdoors, and the other is mounted on the wall in the room you want to cool. The two units are connected by twin refrigerant tubes small enough to fit through a narrow hole in the exterior of the home. They can be installed with ease within one day. Not only are they very versatile, but they are very energy efficient. They involve zero ductwork so they don’t compromise the efficiency of the overall system by a whopping 25 percent or more like ducted forced air systems do. Instead of turning on and off, over and over, in a cycle that drives up operating costs, the mini split system runs continuously at a low power level and operates much quieter than window AC units and forced air systems do.


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