Window Film on our Back Door Looks love Raindrops

I live in a pretty small townhouse, but i absolutely love our townhouse neighborhood, as well as actually, I rent our townhouse.

In our little townhouse, I have multiple study rooms, as well as the back study room has a door in it that leads to the backyard, then the thing I don’t care for most about that setup, is that if you are in the backyard, you can see through the windows in the door into the study room.

Because of that, I decided to get window films on the windows in that door. Because I rent, I did not want to put window films on all the windows, however anyway, I headed out to the Home Improvement store to get myself some residential window tinting. I saw a sign while I was there that said they do offer beach beach house window tinting services, but because I only had the windows in that 1 door that needed Window Films, I decided to just do it myself. I planned on using simple mirrored Window Films, once I got to the store, though, I saw so many different window film chances that I changed our mind. I decided to get decorative window film instead of just proper window film. Once I made that decision, I had to decide which of all those decorative window film chances I wanted. I decided to get decorative window film that looks love raindrops. I absolutely recognize it’s cute, but if I have a guest in that back study room, nine times out of many they will recognize it’s raining when it isn’t. Occasionally I forget to warn them about that, as well as they are distraught because it’s raining outside as well as the two of us had plans to do something outdoors. I find it hilarious!

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