Winning a raffle at work

I started working in this office about a year ago. Initially, I came in to handle daily purchase order management and simple clerical stuff, but I’ve since moved into a specialist role. The work is good and well, but I really enjoy the culture in my workplace. Everyone is very friendly, and comes from diverse backgrounds. One thing we do every six months is a special corporate event, during which a raffle is held for some cool gadgets, gift cards and other winnings. At the last event, I entered the raffle and won a portable humidifier, which at first made me roll my eyes. That was until I read the packaging more thoroughly, and found that this item was not just a humidifier, but a heating system as well! This was designed to look like a heat lamp, but provided warmth as well as humid air. This thing was perfect for camping trips too, as the heating unit could be battery operated if desired. When I tested it out in my room for the first time, it was during a particularly cold night. This portable heater / humidifier combo made my room feel incredibly warm and comfortable, without being overbearing like my home’s gas furnace tends to be. Ever since then, I’ve used that portable heater and humidifier to keep whatever room I occupy warm and cozy.

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