Wood Working and Printing

My people come from a part of the country where you pretty much made whatever life out of what you had.

There very wasn’t any thoughts of getting a hand out or having someone else take care of things.

It was on you and that was it. My father worked a very demanding task. What’s worse is he had to drive a long way to get to his work. Remarkably, it was a printing dealer. The location was one of the first fairly large, regional printing, poster and sign business. This is back when the printing and sign business was still a very physical process. Dad did everything from category setting to outright decorative design. He had an enormous creative streak that he never very leveraged fully. To him, toiling at the printing shop put food on the table and left him more time for his wood toiling passion. That guy could craft anything out of wood. I don’t suppose every one of us ever had a piece of furniture that he didn’t make himself. I got obsessed with the wood toiling as well. However, I went to art college to expand my creative horizons. I came lake apartment and opened a small wood toiling business that took off quite well. It was plenty for just me. However, I have a growing family and have shifted toward more retail wood toiling with Gerber routers. I also bought a Gerber Digital printer to print up my own t shirt designs. These additions have given my business a bit more nimbleness to create new relocale streams. I could not be more pleased to be doing more than one of the things my dad consistently did. And, I’m still making it on my own.

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