Work out tool that measures heart rate and scores you

My boyfriend got me this nifty work out tool for my birthday.

It is a band that stretches across my middle to measure my heart rate.

I wear the band for an hour workout and it measures how hard I am working, how many calories burned and if I worked out hard enough for my age, weight and body frame. The device links right to my smartphone. After I finished the work out, I take the band off and all the results load onto a chart to my phone. I can see per minute how I did working out. I can watch periods of rest and high intensity areas of my work out. The chart also color codes by how well you did. Areas of red are the best and green means you are dogging it. I have really started to work out harder since I want to have a good fitness chart and achieve the goal the program sets for me. I have experimented on what workouts go better and what doesn’t. Going for a long run keeps me at a constant heart rate, but nothing where I am really burning calories. It seems I tend to dog it on a run after a while. Weightlifting never gives me any credit since my heart doesn’t pump fast enough and I don’t really sweat. I recognize weightlifting is still a good workout, just not all the time. The best I have found is when I do timed stations. I will do three minute roads of shadow boxing, ab exercises, jump roping or pushups. When only doing a few minutes, I really push it to the max.



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