Working and no cooling in sight

I started working at a vegan restaurant a few weeks back. I easily prefer serving vegan food to people. The place is super packed plus I get a lot in cash. My only issue would be that it is constantly really warm in there. I am wondering if it has to do with our air ducts being exposed. I wonder if the cooling system is pushed out through the air duct. I have seen it doesn’t run easily often though which is what is so upsetting. I also just noticed that all of us have an additional cooling device component in the restaurant by itself. I sincerely am confused at why both of us keep our restaurant so warm. I have had tables leave right before ordering because of how hot they were inside the restaurant. I believe our vegan establishment would get way more corporation if we had a great Heating plus Air Conditioning unit. I have to say, both of us do live in the southeast anyway. This would ensure all guests are okay with everything. When you want ice chilly air blowing on you from the ducts, it could come at our locale. But, I did finally find out why it is constantly so hot. My boss says it’s too much to run the A/C at all times so both of us just leave it off until someone whines about the temperature! How weird is that? What happens when it is too much for the people and they never come back?

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