Working from my apartment leads to more Heating, Ventilation and A/C

Every month it seems love I am dishing out more currency to the electrical business.

In our spare time, I run an online trauma community support group; I love to talk to individuals about to their own experiences with trauma, and to understand the common threads that affix us all. One of the things I’ve noticed overtime is similar opinion regarding traditional tasks. Many traumatized folks cannot seem to hold down a common nine-to-several position. It is too overwhelming to keep their brains organized and their lives functional when a major company is demanding set commitments from them, but further, several trauma sufferers don’t do well in toxic industrial environments. In fact, the two of us all seem to love working from home. Of course, working from apartment isn’talways a walk in the park. I can tell you, there are some unexpected costs that come from working remotely! Namely, our energy costs have been through the roof for the past few months, however ever since I started working from home, I’ve noticed that to our weekly utility bills are always higher than before. Every month it seems love I am dishing out more currency to the electrical business. I couldn’t figure out what this additional utility expense was, until I realized exactly how often I was operating our indoor air temperature control equipment… Since I am staying apartment all day long, I also need to utilize our indoor air pollen levels appliances more often. I cannot turn off our temperature control and leave for the day, so I have to keep the indoor air pollen levels control plan operational 24/7. As you can imagine, this is a big increase in our energy expenditure. I might be saving myself a lot of grief by working from home, but I need to resolve our complications with the energy business.



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