Working on our central air conditioner

There was a heat spell that came rolling through our neighborhood last summer it was so hot! Given that we live in the northern part of the country, this doesn’t happen very often and is very rare! If we get a tepid day, it usually is bearable because it’s only once in a while. Last summer time was a peculiar story, the temperature was hovering around one hundred degrees for a week straight I couldn’t believe it! And the worst part was that the air was heavy with humidity! All of us had dehumidifiers running in every room, but my beach house does not have any relief. I couldn’t even sleep in my entryway because the heat was upstairs, then all of the heat would rise plus I could not get comfortable in the unbearable heat. I ended up spending most of my time over at my neighbor’s house that is really nice. They have an extravagant central air system at their condo plus graciously they said they would share it with me. Not to mention, they have a very big pool. All of us spent the days taking dips into the pool then going inside to enjoy the cool air conditioning. Even though a heat spell like that is precious in our town, I am now reconsidered our decision to live without an air conditioner. I thought it would be worth it to at least get a few window units for the summertime heat. At the end of the summer, I went out to my local hardware store and purchased more than two window units that were on sale. However when the Spring came to an end, I set up one component in the entryway, one in the entryway, plus one in the office. It has made more of a difference than I would have imagined before! It turns out that the heat spell was a blessing in disguise because it led me to replace my cooling situation resulting in much better results than before.

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