Working on the training

I have a family of personal trainers.

My parents were always focused on our health and fitness.

Mom and dad are both personal trainers. They offer nutritional counseling and of course that carried over into the eating habits of our household. This is how my sisters and brother became interested in the field of personal training. Everybody expected me to follow into the same field of physical fitness. I surprised everybody and got my certification to becoming an HVAC eating contractor. I still take care of my health and workout as much the rest of my family. I’ve tried to explain to them that my field is also important to people’s health. I specialize in indoor air quality solutions. Along with maintaining a comfortable temperature, HVAC equipment is important to the cleanliness and health of the indoor environment. My work is very different from everybody else in our family, but they certainly enjoy my help when there’s an issue with their Heating or Air Conditioning systems. They recognize that temperature control and air quality are important. They need to offer a pleasant and cool environment for their clients to workout. High temperature, unpleasant smells, unstable humidity levels or a lot of dust blowing around certainly isn’t good for a successful workout. So while I enjoy free personal training session with my various family members, I offer free labor for their Heating and cooling requirements. I handle necessary maintenance and repairs. We all benefit from the trade. I stay in good shape and they don’t worry about service for their HVAC systems.

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