Working out and getting rid of a headache

I had trouble sleeping last night.

I couldn’t get comfortable and struggled to fall asleep.

When I finally managed it, I only slept a couple of hours before waking up at 5 AM. Although I laid in bed for another two hours, I never drifted off again. I couldn’t stop thinking about work-related issues. Getting up was difficult. I was exhausted and suffering from a terrible headache. I really didn’t want to workout. However, I exercise every single morning. I forced myself to put in the time but expected a terrible workout. I felt sluggish and had little motivation. I took extra time to warm up and stretch. I jogged in place for a while. I gradually got into the workout and started to feel energized. I jumped rope for about twenty minutes straight. I used my incline bench to different types of ab crunches. I lifted my eight-pound hand weights and did a bunch of lunges and squats. By the end of the workout, I was drenched in sweat and breathing hard. I definitely burned a tremendous amount of calories. I made sure to drink a lot more water than usual, and my headache was completely gone. Because of the strenuous workout, I had a better day. I was more productive and in a good mood. Now that it’s getting toward evening, the energy from the exercise has worn off. I’m feeling extremely tired and looking forward to going to bed early. I’m hoping to get a much better night’s sleep. Even if I don’t, I will get up and workout like always.

Personal Fitness Expert