Working out in the heat

In the area where I live, the summers are extremely long, hot and humid.

  • With the temperature climbing into the nineties on a daily basis, I try to get up extra early and workout in the mornings.

I hope to beat the heat of the day. Even first thing in the morning, the conditions are hot and sticky. I don’t have enough space inside the air conditioned house to manage a good workout. I worry about causing damage to home furnishings. I want sufficient square footage to go through a series of stretches, lunges, squats, burpees and jumping jacks. I like to jump rope, go for a run or ride my bike. Working out in the heat creates some challenges. I tend to sweat profusely and need to be careful about proper hydration. I’ve also started suffering from cramping in my calves. It’s so painful that I’m having some difficulty walking. I researched online and this can be caused by strenuous physical activity in high heat. I realize that I’m definitely overworking my muscles. However, I am unwilling to quit working out because of the weather conditions. I’m now thinking about building a shed in the backyard where I could set up a home gym. I could install a window air conditioner to cool the space down. While it would be a significant investment, I think it would be worth it. I’d use the home gym every single day. I’d be able to buy some equipment, such as an elliptical, that lessens impact on my joints. I’d no longer have issues with working out in the heat, humidity, rain or any weather concern.


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