Working out opposite things

My roommate and I both go to the gym after work, everyday.

It should be a nice pair activity we do everyday, but the two of us head to opposite sections of the gym.

We are both built so differently and have reverse fitness goals. I am a big guy that is carrying a lot of extra meat. I typically run on the treadmill, hit the elliptical or I will do a group fitness class. Basically for me I only let myself do cardio because I need to cut weight. My roommate is very little and thin. He really needs to bulk up and put on weight. He spends the entire hour in the weight lifting room. He will work arms, back and shoulders. Occasionally I will see him work a leg press. A very rare occasion is him using a personal trainer though. I swear by using a certified fitness expert. I know that running and jumping rope is good cardio for me. Sometimes I just don’t feel like doing the same old thing. There are some days I want to try something new or I need someone to motivate me. Having a private session or group fitness class keeps me motivated. The fitness instructor knows how to keep things feeling fun and fresh. My roommate hardly ever relies on a fitness instructor. I have pushed him to talk to an expert. They can give him new ways to build muscle and maybe talk to him about things he is doing wrong. It took me talking to a trainer to realize that I run stupid.


Nutritional Counseling