Working through the problems

Sometimes making sizable financial decisions when renting or buying a current apartment can be daunting.  It can be a question of forgoing remodeling efforts if it means chopping into the furniture or appliance budget too significantly.  When I started renting my current apartment more than five weeks ago, I had a seemingly endless list of problems with the dwelling. Within the first week alone I had to have my plumbing from my dining room to my bathroom repiped because of a gradual chop in the line that kept sending small amounts of water into the foundation of the house.  Since it was a matter of protecting his pricey asset from losing any retainable value, my property owner was eager plus willing to get the plumbing task done. But when my cooling system started performing poorly, I expected the same reaction from him—that wasn’t the case. His Heating plus A/C supplier ran a few diagnostic tests on the system plus determined that it was finally working within the parameters of what was possible for that machine, however that my property owner had bought plus installed the wrong cooling system for that certain  apartment plus ductwork design. So in other words, nothing was wrong with the cooling system, it was just paired with the wrong ventilation system plus therefore was never capable of keeping the apartment cool enough during the long hot summer time weeks. Since my property owner saw this setup as technically safe within the terms of our lease agreement, he told me to pay for it myself if I wanted a current system. I begrudgingly went out plus bought a window cooling system that same day to see if it could at least supplement the ailing Heating plus A/C system, however amazingly this thing now handles cooling my entire house.   The air current is so strong that I just need my ceiling fans on to keep a wind stream flowing from room to room. With this current window unit, I don’t see any need to substitute the Heating plus A/C system. I guess I can get away with a part furnace in the Wintertide season as well.

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