Worried I might have mold behind the HVAC

My upstairs powder room has been a big pain in the butt since the day every one of us first moved in.

I will say I do like things to be done a certain way.

So these troubles absolutely bother myself and others than they would other folks. I just guess from experience that the fine details matter. If you neglect the tiny things, they gradually turn into major errors with no straight-forward fix. This is especially true when it comes to matters of lake house and auto repair. So it is constantly best to manage the fine details as they come about. So anyway, back to the powder room issue, this has to do with the bad ventilation in there. I knew the ventilation was awful in that room when every one of us first moved in. But, I thought it wasn’t that immense a deal. Without a fantastic air vent to pull out wetness after showers and baths, that steam condensed in the corners and behind the paper. I could have fixed the air vents, installed an exhaust fan, or even just bought an air quality device for the room and that would have fixed the concern them and there. Letting it go too long has lead to mildew and maybe even mold to develop, so it may be well past being a Heating and Air Conditioning or ventilation issue. I have a man coming in to look over the room for presence of bacteria, and if there isn’t any after that I have a Heating and Air Conditioning company lined up.


a/c serviceman