Writing a paper on legal services

I liked the idea of working with people who couldn’t afford a lawyer.

I had to do a paper for college, and it had to do with legal services. I couldn’t believe how many different types of legal services there were. Lawyers are as bad as doctors! Every lawyer has a specialty, even though they all go to the same law schools. I always thought I would like being a lawyer. I wanted to either be a personal injury lawyer or a criminal lawyer. It seemed like of all the lawyers there are, they would not just be the most lucrative, but you would never look for clients. There is no lack of clients for criminal activities and stupid injuries. Criminal lawyers need to know more about habeas corpus, however that seemed to be fairly straightforward. I felt that being a personal injury lawyer could be a lot of fun. All you had to do was figure out what the people who caused the injury did wrong. As for criminal law, I wasn’t sure I could defend a client that I was sure was guilty. I would feel just as bad as our client’s victim felt. I would feel violated by needing to get him off. There are many other types of legal services. I liked the idea of working with people who couldn’t afford a lawyer. Many of them are trying to help their clients keep their children. They may try to help other clients get help they need to survive. When I look at it that way, I know if I had become a lawyer, I would go into a legal service that works for people who can’t otherwise afford a lawyer.
Criminial law