You can only offer advice

The older I get, the more that I try to remind myself that I can’t be upset after offering my best advice to people and seeing them do the opposite.

Human beings are complicated creatures, and they don’t always do the best things for them. Even when somebody realizes that you’re giving them useful information, they might not decide to act on it. And, that means I can’t take it personally after my heart to hearts don’t result in positive change. Recently, this is exactly what happened with my good friends Daniel and his heating and cooling system. For several months we’ve been talking on a regular basis and he’s mentioned how much time he spends indoors with only his central HVAC system for company. He works from home and doesn’t have friends in the area, so he is extremely reliant on his indoor air quality control management system. Because his region of the country suffers from wild temperature fluctuations and uneven hot and cold air temperatures, he really puts his central heating and cooling system through the ringer. As a professional HVAC technician, I know how much wear-and-tear he’s putting on his furnace and air conditioning system. I have been trying to give him great advice about changing his air filter, cleaning his air ducts, and properly sealing up his house to contain the high quality indoor air. Unfortunately, every time we talk he has an excuse for procrastinating on his indoor air quality equipment upgrades. I won’t lie, it is extremely frustrating to give him such valuable HVAC advice and know that it’s going unheard. But, all I can do is offer my certified expertise as a heating and cooling technician. At least I’ll make a pretty penny on the day that he finally has an air quality control failure.


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