You can’t take chances on your AC

I’m middle aged now, and all of my friends and contemporaries hire their yard work done.

As a man, I have always taken care of my own yard, and never paid anyone else to do it.

I worked for this house, it is my castle, and I don’t want another dude out there with no shirt cutting my grass. I know this is an old school mentality, but it’s who I am and I have no intention of changing anytime soon. This year is the first time I considered hiring the work done, because this summer heat is intense! I need to take an AC break every ten or fifteen minutes and run inside to the air conditioner to keep from getting heat stroke. Thank the good lord for air conditioning, because the way this summer is going it will have to run 24/7. After the mess we had last summer, you better believe I had the HVAC tech come by a couple of months ago for a full inspection. Normally I wait until the A/C is having issues before I call in an expert, but this year I decided to hedge my bets. Although I don’t like paying for yard work, I am all too happy to pay for export HVAC service. An HVAC tech came over, checked everything out, changed the air filters, and gave my system a clean bill of health. When the temps are still around ninety degrees in the middle of the night, you can’t take chances on your air conditioning breaking down.

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