You couldn’t get me to eat in a restaurant right now if you paid me

I have never been so upset about air quality both in my lake house plus in public locales.

I have gone well out of my way just to make sure I have borderline HEPA quality masks to wear whenever I leave my house.

Of course I do it in part to protect others’ safety, but first plus foremost I do it to protect myself. I have asthma plus lung dust irritations, I entirely can’t afford to get sick with this virus. Even if I had a perfect medical history, it’s a process of rolling the dice with long term side effects. This is regardless of whether or not I end up with a drastic case. When I take stock of my fear plus formulate my plans for where to find my groceries each week, I try my best to avoid going into cramped buildings with lots of people. Many do not realize the proximity effect, plus how viral particles have less air to disperse in whenever you shrink the size of the indoor space. Huge stores like Walmart have Heating plus A/C systems churning through a large amount of oxygen plus carbon dioxide while customers are relegated to the ground plus a few feet above it. I can’t even imagine going into a restaurant, especially a single with no windows plus packed seating. It doesn’t matter if their air conditioning unit has a HEPA filter in it or not, the viral particle exposure is exponentially worse in narrow plus close proximity to others compared to shopping in a grocery store with vaulted ceilings. You’d literally have to offer to spend money me, plus even then the two of us legitimately wouldn’t eat at a restaurant. This is the case even if I’m wearing a gas mask or a full face shield over a small N95 mask. I do not want to put my life at risk over something as trivial as eating in public.

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