You don’t need AC in the north

In the north owning an a/c is love owning a pool.

  • It looks great, people comment on it however you hardly use it.

The northern summers don’t actually start until July and by the end of September it is done. The afternoons are overheated however the afternoons get cool fast. A cooling plan would only be necessary for maybe multiple months and not for the entire afternoon. A few afternoons getting overheated enough having an a/c would be great. Most northern families get a box or window fan and call that great enough. I suppose of a few people who bring down a window AC component for that brief period of time. Nobody owns a central a/c though. It would be a spectacular waste of money and hardly used. What the north actually does is heating though. My household has three oil gas furnaces currently. I have an upstairs Moore gas furnace that is vented to a chimney. I have a home office ventless gas furnace and a kitchen gas fireplace. I wish I had a space gas furnace in my office and a mini split in my study room. I feel three oil gas furnaces is enough though. I read that some people get heating repair once a year. My upstairs gas furnace came with my condo and has not ever quit. The gas fireplace only gets finicky about the remote start. The ventless gas furnace needs my hubby and I to take an air compressor and blow all the dust out of it occasionally. Other than that, I haven’t noticed an issue with the oil gas furnaces never getting service.



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