You might want to think about going ductless

When we had an HVAC professional come out to talk about installing a new HVAC system, he was easily recommending a ductless multi split system.

He said that we could always go for another central HVAC unit if we wanted, but we likely would experience issues with costly energy bills since our ductwork system was not in the greatest shape.

He said this was the main reason why he suggested a ductless multi split system, so we wouldn’t have to worry about replacing the entire ductwork system. He also spoke of how we would have multiple indoor units to cover different zones for customized comfort. That actually was something I never thought about and the implications of that were staggering. It basically meant that we would be able to have focused heating or cooling in certain areas without having to worry about treating the whole home with perfect temperature control settings. What was the point of cooling down the laundry room for example when nobody was doing laundry? Also, I knew that my wife didn’t like feeling overheated in the kitchen when she was throwing down on a perfect supper. So we went for this installation, and it has been heaven in our home ever since. Well, maybe it’s not that perfect, but we have lower energy bills and greater comfort; what more could we want! Not to mention, the children aren’t fighting all the time over the temperature control settings and that was a major issue in the past. If you’re thinking of going for a new HVAC, you might want to think about going ductless like us!

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