You should really stay home when your HVAC technician is present.

I remember when I was younger my mom would always go out whenever the HVAC technician came to fix our system.

I never thought too much of it because I just figured I could trust someone that was there to fix the HVAC system.

When I grew up I had a few experiences that told me it’s not always a good idea to trust any old HVAC technician. Don’t get me wrong, once you have a good HVAC technician that you trust it’s probably fine to leave, but before that I would be careful. I moved into a new house a few years ago and I found an HVAC business online that was offering free quotes on AC installation. I really needed a new air conditioner so I decided to call the HVAC business I saw. They could only come out during the times that I worked, but I decided that I would go ahead and have the HVAC technician come out while I was working. When I got home from work I noticed that there were HVAC parts all over the floor and a few of my things were missing. I called the HVAC company but they didn’t pick up. A few days went by and the HVAC company still never called back! I knew that I had been tricked and I was pretty upset someone would do this when I really needed a working AC unit. I decided to call another HVAC technician and this time I stayed the whole time to wait.

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