You want to have backups

I live way up in the high altitudes, far away from everyone, on the side of a single of the greatest mountains in the country.

This is a lovely, quiet life, a single mostly composed of solitude, but not entirely.

There is not a major neighborhood to speak of for miles, but there are a few dozen of us mountain men plus fine women who live here all year round, and a few more who come plus go seasonally. The group of us have to pool our resources plus look out for a single another whenever the people I was with and I can, especially when it comes to heating. As frigid as it can get around here, heating is something you can’t fool around with or you could wind up literally frozen solid plus dead. The first line of defense for our house is the insulation, plus the primary heating source is the big fireplace. This is a solid hearth, a stove, plus a oil furnace all in a single, plus it’s where the local people I was with and I do all the cooking, plus heat up water if the water boiler ever horribly breaks down. As long as the people I was with and I have firewood on hand, this massive fireplace is burning all day plus every evening. But sometimes you can’t honestly tend the fire 24/7 so the people I was with and I also have space furnaces in the place that the people I was with and I can plug in plus bring to our individual rooms. I have a large generator for electricity, so as long as I have gasoline I can run the space furnaces basically whenever I need. This Wintertide has been certainly cold, so I have been running a nice little space oil furnace next to me even while the fireplace is blazing. Maybe I need tons of new insulation in the walls.


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