Air-conditioned campsites are the best

In a few months, my fifteen-year-old child will be sixteen! I cannot believe it. I still remember when she was born. It seems like yesterday. In a couple of years, she will leave the nest all grown up. I don’t know how I will handle that. She wanted to do something fun and new for her birthday, so I asked her to do some research and give me a few suggestions. I was given the list and some of the ideas were too silly for me to even consider. I like one of her ideas where she wants to rent out a campground for the weekend. She enjoys being outdoors, and this is a cool way to enjoy the outdoors in luxury. I wanted to make sure that the yurts had air conditioning before I said yes. When I saw the picture, I was pleasantly surprised. The campground had a huge game room and ductless mini-split units on the side of the building. According to the website, the yurt cottages had window air conditioners and space heaters. Due to her birthday being at the end of September, we will need air conditioners, especially in the state in which we reside. During the Summer, the weather gets particularly hot, and it doesn’t change until mid-to-late September. It will be nice to have the air conditioners while we are camping. This is why they call it glamping since we will have air conditioning.

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