Bee related services

As a home inspector for the last twelve years, I work for a big real estate dealer in the local area, and  I have seen it all. I simply look past everything. I ignore clutter and spiderwebs, and concentrate on the safety and condition of the structure of the house. It is not part of my job to judge the way anyone lives.  I report back on the integrity of the structure and systems within and outside the home. A few years back, I realized that it was extremely important to inspect the ductwork and supply and return vents to make sure they were clean and in peak condition.  I have found some odd things in the ducts. Everything from squirrels and mice to toys can be hidden inside. The most common issue I come across is bees. Many people never investigate or clean the vents that lead outside. Bees are naturally drawn to these vents for making their home.  They are protected from the elements, such as wind and rain. They are kept fairly warm, and are able to avoid predators. I keep the local bee relocator busy with referrals. I have his car handy. He works quickly, handles the bees safely, and I have never had the bees return once he moves them.  He warns homeowners that they should make careful checks of any vent or chimney that leads outside the house every year. It doesn’t take long for bees to build a nest. It can be truly tough to get rid of them once they are settled in. I give homeowners his contact information, whenever I find an infestation during my inspection.  

bumblebee removal