Finding a trustworthy Heating and A/C tech is as easy as sending a child to do your dirty work

If you need to know more about the decency of a person, the process is simple.

First, introduce a little temptation to them.

If they take the bait, then you have effectively given them the rope to hang themselves with! So the process is simple as I mentioned. Offer up an opportunity for them to express indecency, or dishonesty. Wait to see if the other person takes it, and voila! This is how I will usually test folks’ character. I can comfortably trust them if they pass! So not too long ago, I used my own teenage child to handle this personality test. This was when the a/c system was being professionally worked on a few weeks ago, and I wanted to figure out if the heating and cooling repair technician was a fair and honest fella. I didn’t want to be told that our cooling system was breaking down, just so the guy could earn a big commission for himself! I didn’t want to keep intruding on the Heating and A/C technician either. What was I to do? Well, the obvious was done: I sent down my teenage child to prance around and make some ignorant Heating and Cooling comments! She went down, and did his best to distract the heating and cooling repair technician! During this time, she was also disregarding anything he knew about modern Heating and A/C equipment – not that she knew very much. Still, I was pleasantly surprised when I heard that the HVAC service technician simply told her to check out some online resources. In doing that, she could get a better HVAC systems maintenance education!
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