HVAC repair program really make good sense

I tend to have a quick trigger when it comes to people attempting to sell me stuff I haven’t inquired about.

That reaction is absolutely the result of countless uncommanded solicitations.

I even split the HVAC lady off the other day. During a phone call to schedule the heating repair on the gas gas furnace, the lady in the office asked me if I wanted to join the HVAC repair program. Like any instant reaction, I said no and moved on. Later that day, I realized that maybe I was making a mistake in being so quick with the no. So I called the HVAC company back and asked to talk with the lady I had been speaking with. First, I apologized for being so quick to reject her inquiry about the HVAC repair plan. This lady at the HVAC company was pleasantly surprised by our return phone call. She proceeded to tell me all of the good stuff that went with the HVAC repair plan. The HVAC company would contact me via email in order to set up the HVAC repair appointments. All I had to do was respond online. The HVAC company would come out once in the fall and again in the Spring to do the routine HVAC repair. However, if I joined the HVAC repair plan and there was a subsequent breakdown, I only paid for the part. The HVAC company would opportunity up the repair and labor fees. I was sort of amazed by this HVAC repair plan because it made so much sense for the HVAC company and for me. I joined that HVAC repair plan on the spot.

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