I consider safety my top priority

My young boys have been bored to death since they have been stuck inside of the modern home for the last few months.

My boys plus I are still practicing good social distancing habits, then the young boys have complained on many, many occasions, especially when they found out that numbers of their friends were going to the playground, beach, plus park, with the number of new cases still up in the thousands, I am going to keep my family safe at home.

The two of us have been reading school books, doing puzzles, plus playing a lot of board games. The youngsters have been unquestionably more rambunctious this week… I had to yell plus scream on more than a single occasion because the young boys were running around the modern home playing tag. They were always kicking the soccer, pigskin, plus kickballs all around the kitchen plus dining area. During any of those instances, the youngsters knocked the control unit off the wall. They tore the wires right from the machine plus I was furious. I had to call a maintenance company to install a more modern control unit. The total bill was $240. I spent money from the savings account plus I told the young boys that they would be responsible for extra chores this month including sweeping the floor, cleaning up all the dishes, plus mopping the kitchen. I am not excited that I had to pay for a more modern control unit plus the repair, but I did upgrade to a nice touch screen control unit with fully programmable options. It’s a much nicer model than the last control unit plus it will last for ten years, then after spending a few weeks honestly working on extra chores in the house, I hope the young boys will be more careful indoors.


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