I did not want any plain window films in the new art studio

Painting has always been in my blood.

But I never got a chance to pursue it as a career.

My then-boyfriend and I had a baby while we were on campus. So it meant I had to drop out, and we got married to start the family. I was a stay-at-home mom for many years and later got a job in a salon in town. This was after our three kids joined the school, and I had ample time to work. Last year, I went to visit an aunt of mine and was reminded of my passion. My husband had tried many times to persuade me to paint, but I never did. However, this time something awoke in me, and I came home with a new passion. We had an old shed at the back of our house, which I wanted to convert into an art studio. We got a local contractor who did an excellent job since I did not want to fill the house with paintings. The shed upgrade into an art studio took some time, and before it was complete, I had to choose some window films. As an artist, I was not fond of any plain residential window films. Instead, I asked the installation company to get me a variety of decorative window films for the space. The owner knew what I needed and delivered the best decorative window film install I’d ever seen. My husband loved them so much that he thought about decorative window film replacements for the house. We made a deal that the first paintings I sold would cover the new decorative window films for our home.


Window Film Replacements