I get to decide my own Heating, Ventilation and A/C temperature

One of the sweetest perks about working from my lake home is being able to choose my own indoor temperature.

When I had to clock in and out at the office every single day, I was forced to deal with the poor indoor air quality plus the moderate hot plus cold temperatures.

The boss on my floor was a very skinny old lady that was always cold. She never wanted the indoor temperature to be lower than 79 degrees. This was awful while in the summer time plus unquestionably moderate while in the Winter season. Some people tried to adjust the control unit, even though she could tell if it was off by a single solitary degree. She was honestly kind plus sweet, even though she didn’t waiver on the indoor temperatures ever. Our company began allowing us to work from lake modern home almost more than two months back. I’ve been honestly working from lake modern home while in that entire time plus I am honestly digging waking up a half hour later every day. I also adore to keep the temperature on the central control unit at a brisk and breezy 73 degrees. I believe much more cool plus comfortable when I work from home. I can eat a snack any old time I want plus I can use a fresh plus wipe bathroom. That is honestly important when you work in such an environment with gender neutral bathrooms. I spoke with a few of my coworkers Last monday and some of them are going to work from lake modern home full-time. I hope that the bosses will offer the same position to me. I would prefer to work from home, even if it means taking a small pay cut. There may be a silver lining in this dark cloud.

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