I Needed a Dehumidifier

During my last HVAC servicing, the HVAC specialist told me something that shocked me.

He said that the air humidity level was just as important as the cleanliness of the air.

I’d never heard this comparison before, and I’d always assumed that humidity was just a part of life in the south. The HVAC specialist pointed out a few windows that had moisture buildup on them and he told me that it wasn’t normal. This was a sign that there was too much moisture in the air within my home. The moisture would eventually seep into the wooden window frame and create mold and mildew. Eventually, the mold would become an issue and all the widow frames would have to be replaced or the mold would spread. Another issue with humidity was that it was causing my air conditioner to work harder than normal. My thermostat was having a hard time making the air feel cool, because the humidity levels were thick. This was causing my air conditioner to run most of the day, with little break to breath. My utility bill would only increase. The HVAC specialist suggested a great dehumidifier that would eliminate moisture quickly from my home. It would remove the water damage on my moisture and decrease my chances of mold or mildew. I ordered the dehumidifier from him and waited for it to get to my house a few days later. I was shocked at how effective the dehumidifier was, because I could already feel less moisture in the air after running it for 45 minutes. The water bin was filled all the way up to the top in that short amount of time too.
Heating technician