I was so worried for him

My dad was recently diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer’s.

Even though I tried to talk his into moving in with me, he refused.

Father said that as long as he was able to take care of everything, he wasn’t leaving his home. I understood this was the lake lake house where of course he and Mom had lived together for almost forty years, and they had raised their kids. That didn’t mean that I was any less sad to see his living alone. The nurse said both of us shouldn’t let his cook because he had already left the gas burner on and therefore almost burned the lake house down. I knew mom couldn’t live alone without being properly able to cook. I sad nonstop until I talked to a neighbor of mine. She told myself and others all about a meal delivery program that delivered prepared meals for the local elderly and for people who had disabilities. I called the meal delivery program that my neighbor had told myself and others about and I explained about the problem of Alzheimer’s. They were sad that he wouldn’t let them in the house, so I promised to them that I would be there when they made the deliveries. Prepared meals for the elderly were delivered once a week. All we had to do was put it on a plate and pop it in the microwave for thirty seconds. The first time mom got a delivery, I was glad I was there. He was overwhelmed by the vast amount of food until I told him it was for a full week. Prepared meals for the elderly and super disabled, was the perfect solution for us.

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