My brother is too good at his job, never gets a day off

However, my brother can never get a day off because his bosses like him so much.

Sometimes it pays not to be very good at things. I learned this the hard way when my ex boyfriend admitted to me that he had always pretended to be incapable of household chores. For as long as we were together, he asserted that he had no idea how to do laundry, clean dishes, or take out the trash. He would shrug his shoulders and tell me he just wasn’t good at it. As a result, I was responsible for all of our household chores and scheduling. Down the road, I realized that his in capabilities were feigned in order to duck out of responsibilities. This is a lesson that my older brother could use to learn. He is so good at being a heating and cooling technician that he literally can never get a day off. He works for a heating, cooling, and ventilation dealership in the city that employees over 50 certified HVAC workers. A lot of the heating and cooling technicians on staff have been in the air quality control industry for five times as long as my brother. However, my brother can never get a day off because his bosses like him so much. Whenever there is a large commercial HVAC installation or tricky residential heating and cooling repair, my brother is going to be called in to complete the heating and cooling job. He’s working at least 80 hours a week at this point because he is the most trustworthy HVAC technician on staff. On one hand, he should learn not to take on so much responsibility at the HVAC repair shop. On the other hand, this heating and cooling dealership should probably hire better HVAC technicians.



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