My dehumidifier is awesome

I really like the dehumidifier in my house.

Honestly, I don’t even need an air conditioner at my house because the dehumidifier does a much better job of making my house comfortable. I live in the South, and the temperatures down here get very warm. However, my family is from the South, so I have definitely gotten used to the heat down here. In fact, I love the heat, and I don’t need an air conditioner at all to keep me comfortable. All of my friends have central air conditioners, and I know that all of my friends think that I am crazy for not wanting a central air conditioner. However, even though I like the heat, that does not mean that I like the humidity. One of the worst parts of the heat in this area is the humidity. With the high levels of moisture in the air, our bodies cannot sweat, and it makes it hard for us to deal with the heat. Air conditioners work as a great tool to get rid of the moisture, but they are not the only HVAC unit that can deal with the moisture. In fact, the reason that I do not need a central air conditioner is that I have a dehumidifier that does the job. The dehumidifier has one very specific purpose. The only job of the dehumidifier is to completely get rid of the humidity in your air. I love the warmer temperatures, but I do not love the moisture. The dehumidifier does make the temperatures feel cooler, but in my house, I really just cannot stand the moisture. If you don’t like humidity but you like warmer temperatures, then buy a dehumidifier instead of a central air conditioner.


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