My Grandma just bought a new a/c

My Grandma just bought a new a/c… I didn’t suppose that she would be buying another a/c for a long time because she literally just bought a new a/c a few months ago, then she is not the a single who told me that she got another a/c! My mom told me that our Grandma got another a/c. I asked her if she had heard why our Grandma had gotten another a/c so soon, but she didn’t think why. I decided to call our Grandma & ask her. I couldn’t get a hold of her, so I drove to her house. I found her toiling in her garden. I asked her what was going on, & she told me that she had gotten another a/c simply because she wasn’t fond of the last a single that she bought. I was surprised to hear that because the last a/c that she bought was a single of the most fancy a/cs I had ever seen on the market. I asked her if she was going to sell the other a/c that she bought just a few months ago, & she told me that she didn’t plan to sell it, & she gave it to me for free. I took it, & now, I have a new a/c that is way nicer than any a/c I would ever buy for myself. My Grandma may not care that she wastes money, but I am sure thankful that she is kind enough to give her grandchildren things that they would never be able to afford otherwise.

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