My New Apartment Had Ped Hair Left In It

My job took myself and others across the neighborhood to a completely new part of town.

The supplier I work for is expanding hastily, which is why the two of us opened another location across town.

I was fortunate enough to acquire a promotion to help get the new office up and running. The transfer happened hastily, which meant I had to find an apartment, and fast, and even though I was only moving across town, the commute would take minutes with traffic… City apartments don’t last long on the market. Often, the apartments are taken before the open apartment date. When I moved to the neighborhood the first time, I realized how pressing it was to show up with all the necessary documents prefer proof of funds, contracts, and letters of recommendations. I fell in like with a single too many apartments, but lost them before I could run apartment and grab the typical paperwork. When I found an apartment online that looked incredible, I called the landlord instantly. I asked him simple questions, and agreed to rent it without even seeing it. Thankfully, the apartment was exactly as pictured when I moved in. However, I hastily realized that there had been a pet living here before me. The apartment was clean, but when I looked at the carpet closely, I could see hair. I began sneezing instantly. My flu symptoms were triggered by the pet dander, so I called the landlord. I told him that I had no problem deep cleaning the apartment, but I’d need a new air filter instantly. Fortunately, he came over that day and substituted it for me! I think a fresh air filter will help tremendously.



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