Raising money for a noble cause

My church is raising money for a really great cause.

The daycare center needs a more modern oil furnace, but the church I was with doesn’t have the funds to pay for the machinery plus the upgrade services.

The group of us decided to hold a fundraiser last weekend to raise money for the more modern oil furnace. The group of us had a bake sale plus my wife made 10 dozen chocolate chip, peanut butter, plus oatmeal raisin cookies. She also made dozens of cupcakes plus a few pies. Some parishioners donated goods plus services to raffle off while in the numerous days long event. The two of us raffled off a 12 foot Christmas tree plus a holiday dinner for a family while in the fundraiser. The company installing our oil furnace also donated numerous parts of other furnaces to auction while in the day. The two of us had a band plus other live tunes throughout the chilly day. The two of us hired someone to make balloon creatures plus another to paint faces of the young children. The weather was cold outside, but the fundraiser was booked to be held outdoors. It was a good thing too, because the people I was with and I ended up with a light wind storm on the same day as our fundraiser. It would have been too cold plus wet to congregate outdoors. Things went unquestionably well plus the people I was with and I raised over 3 grand while in the multiple-day event. The two of us have enough money for the modern oil furnace plus all of the different upgrade fees. The two of us already have an appointment tied up to have the church’s old oil furnace removed plus the modern equipment installed plus now the people I was with and I have the needed funds. It was an amazing weekend plus a fun project of which to be a part.

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