Taking my own freelance HVAC calls

If you think that I am embarrassed about doing a freelance home remodeling gig for a pot farmer, you are so very wrong! If anything I am proud and excited of the work I did on his farm, and hoping that it leads to more jobs .That is exactly why I am writing a blog about it, because I want everyone to know how cool this is, and that I can do it for anyone else who is involved in the pot growing business.

For optimum cultivation of cannabis, there are specific energy needs you will have, and specific climate control needs as well.

I started taking these off the books repair jobs because the HVAC contractor I work for cut back on everyone’s hours! It all worked out for the best, though, because the marijuana community is very tightly knit, and so the good word of mouth about my HVAC services started to get around. Actually I have the biggest job of my life coming up, and I may have to recruit one of my fellow HVAC techs to assist me on it. I have been telling people I can do any HVAC job they need, and this one major pot farmer outside of town hired me to install a geothermal heat pump for him. I am acquainted with the geothermal heat pump but I have never personally set one up, so I am a bit worried. My friend Mike has been an HVAC tech for a lot longer than I have, and I hope he will take a couple hundred bucks to assist me on this one.

Heating maintenance