The best camping sites have air conditioners

I have a fifteen-year-old child who will turn sixteen in a few months! How can that be? I remember when she was born. I remember it like it was yesterday. Now that she has grown up, she is about to leave the nest in a couple of years. I don’t even know how to handle that. To celebrate her birthday, I asked her to research a few ideas and give me a few suggestions. The list of ideas that she gave me was so ridiculous I couldn’t even consider them. One of the ideas she has is to rent out a whole campground for the weekend. Her favorite way to be outdoors, but with some luxury, is this. Before saying yes, I wanted to do some research to make sure the yurts had air conditioning. Seeing the picture gave me a pleasant surprise. On the side of the building, there were many ductless mini-split units. There was also a huge game room in the campground. The website mentions that they also had space heaters in the yurt cottages. We will need air conditioners for her birthday at the end of September, especially since we live in a hot state. Summer is particularly hot, and the weather doesn’t change until mid-to-late September. Being able to have air conditioners while camping will be a good perk. This is why they call it glamping because we will have the luxury of air conditioning.

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