The hotel room odored like stale cigarettes

My wife & I decided to go away for the weekend.

Both of our youngsters were staying with their friends for the weekend & it seems like the perfect time to get out of neighborhood separate from having to worry about them.

It’s strenuous to go out of neighborhood all weekend when they’re 15 years old, because I insist that they will be okay alone. My wife & I suppose that 2 15 year olds alone is a sizable recipe for disaster, so we have never told him to go away & leave them alone. Of course, they are way too ancient for a babysitter too, so it’s not absolutely a winning situation. When we realized that they would be with friends & their parents, we took the opportunity to go to the beach for the week. My wife & I booked a hotel right on the waterfront. It was an older hotel, but it had a nice splash of color & a boardwalk right to the beach. The bathroom was legitimately clean & the bed was neatly made; Unfortunately, the entire room odors like stale cigarettes, every time the Heating & Air Conditioning component started blowing air into the room, the odor of stale cigarettes seemed to linger. My wife & I were absolutely glad with the view, but we had to request a different room. The odor from the Heating & Air Conditioning idea was overpowering & completely disgusting. The front desk did not object to decreasing rooms & they unquestionably upgraded us to a suite with the same view of the ocean. They apologized for our trouble & asked us to stay.


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